The new Romanian Film Festival, Anonimul (the Anonymous) iscurious in more than name. A great potential, looking for great content, theevent is located in a brand new village built specifically for art events ofthis kind, in the heart of the Danube Delta wildlife sanctuary.

To get there, you fly to Bucharest, then get transported bybus, boat and finally horse-drawn carriage, for a 10 hour journey to the finaldestination.

Once there, in the midst of a glorious natural park, one isinvited to follow three modest-sized programs - for fiction, documentaries andshorts, with such familiar offerings as Spring,Summer, Fall, Winter' and Spring or GoodMorning, Night (along with a couple of embarrassing items that are betterleft unmentioned) among the features, and Jesus,You Know and The Story Of The WeepingCamel in the documentary section.

Anonimul is the brainchild of businessman Sorin Marin, whomade a fortune in oil and used some of it for this purpose. With a selectioncommittee but no artistic director, the festival intends, according to itsdirector Miruna Berescu, to expand the horizons of the Romanian audience,offering a varied, non-specialised selection, and looks forward to attract filmbuffs, tempted not only by the program, but also by the attractive Black Seabeaches nearby. An adequate artistic director and faster transportation fromthe capital would help a lot.


Best Film - GoodMorning Night - Marco Bellochio
Best Director - Celina Murga (Ana Y LosOtros)
Best Actor - Marius Stanescu (Examdir. Titus Muntean)
Best Actress - Birgitte Holmeier (IdentityKills dir. Soren Voigt)
Best Cinematography - Baek Dong-Hyun (Spring,Summer, Fall, Winter' And Spring, dir. Kim Ki-duk)
Best Script - Srdan Vuletic (Summer InThe Golden Valley dir. Vuletic)
Best Documentary - The Story Of TheWeeping Camel (Davaa Byamasuren, Luigi Falorni)
Best documentary director - David Offek (The17th Victim)
Best short - At That Point, Rebecca(Luciana Jauffred Gortostiza)