New Barcelona-based distributor ABL Augusta has closed its first two all-rights acquisitions for Spain with Morgan Spurlock's hit Sundance documentary Super Size Me and Takashi Miike's Japanese thriller One Missed Call.

Veteran executive Adolfo Blanco launched ABL after leaving his position as director of distribution at DeA Planeta in January. His first two acquisitions, closed at the AFM, are representative of the kinds of genre he is looking for to fill out a planned 10-12 title annual slate.

He is also interested in picking up Spanish films, getting in at early stages and potentially co-producing.

"My acquisitions policy centres on films which are sure to make money in at least one window," Blanco says in a nod to Spain's crowded theatrical market and strangled TV sales. "I still think prices are extremely high for the Spanish market and this means that a new company like mine can't afford to take risks or make mistakes."

Blanco expects to close local theatrical and home video distribution deals which will allow him to keep ABL's structure small and flexible.