UK-based tax financier Lucky UKFS, headed by Philippe Martinez of US production-sales outfit Bauer Martinez Studios and Alan Latham, has appointed distributor Martin Myers to launch a new UK distributor, Georgia Films.

The venture is kicking off with a September release for Citizen Verdict, Bauer Martinez's thriller about a reality TV producer played by talk-TV personality Jerry Springer. Also confirmed is UK film Shoreditch.

Bauer Martinez and UKFS have already teamed to produce and finance a slate of titles which are currently in production or scheduled to shoot in coming months.

Along with tax-driven equity fund Tower Film Productions, the partners are bankrolling productions including Ringo Lam's supernatural action film After Death, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Modigliani, starring Andy Garcia.

Myers, who will oversee Georgia Films, is best known for heading erstwhile independent UK distributor First Independent Films. After the First Independent closed he ran Peakviewing's UK distribution arm.

The launch of Georgia Films echoes the nascent UK distribution partnership between Elie Samaha's US production operation Franchise Pictures and UK tax financier Invicta. Samaha is now said to be shopping around the UK for a distribution chief.