Homegrown film In MyFather's Den sold less tickets than the previous weekend but still managedto jump up from third to second spot in the chart. It took NZ$152,273 from 22screens, or 17.6% less than the previous NZ$184,793, but this was the lowestdrop shown by any film in the chart.

At the other end of the spectrum, the weekend gross for Alien vs Predator, which lead the chartlast weekend when it launched, dropped over 60% to fifth spot. Also showinglittle endurance was Soul Plane from20th Century Fox, which fell from 10th to 17th spot in its second week.

The most popular film of the weekend was Resident Evil - Apocalypse from ColumbiaTriStar and its screen average of NZ$9,357 was the highest in the chart. Ittook NZ$392,998 from 42 screens in its first outing.

Four other openers were in the top 20 - The Notebook took NZ$127,412 from 32 screens for Roadshow to claimthe fourth spot, and Anchorman tookNZ$117,366 from 42 screens for UIP to come in sixth. De-Lovely grossed NZ$55,017 from 14 screens for 20th Century Fox,which was enough to put it in ninth spot, and The Corporation sold NZ$21,875 worth of tickets for the ClassicPicture Corporation to land the sixteenth place.