Upgrade contains several new features designed to make running a digital cinema even more seamless and straightforward.

Digital cinema company Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has unveiled a completely revised, redesigned and rewritten Theatre Management System (TMS) called Screenwriter.

TMS 2.0, aka Screenwriter, comprises several new innovative features designed to make running a digital cinema even more seamless, as well as enhanced versions of existing functionality that already reaches 11,000 screens worldwide. One-click content and KDM management, integrated point of sale (POS) and enhanced advertising capabilities are some of the features included on Screenwriter.

An optional Screenwriter+ module will also be available, including Intelligent CPL Selection, where it automatically selects the correct version of a CPL based on screen and POS metadata, and support for IP Camera Integration, allowing exhibitors to see what is happening on screens in real time.

Matt Sullivan [pictured], Chief Information Officer of AAM, commented: “We’re delighted to be able to unveil our new version of Screenwriter at CineEurope. Our team have been working on its development for some time, using all we have learnt from previous incarnations of the software and from talking to customers who are using the product in the field.”

AAM has also unveiled its new corporate branding featuring a clean, streamlined look and updated logo, which has been in development for the past six months.