Batman v Superman and new Chinese action-drama The Bodyguard were neck-and-neck while Yang Qing’s Chongqing Hot Pot was a close third.

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It was a tight race at the Chinese box office between Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and new Chinese action-drama The Bodyguard.

Warner Bros’ latest superhero film retained the box office crown for the second week, pulling in $27.59m from the period of March 28 – April 3. However, with a total of $84.25m after ten days, it may have difficulties to reach the $100m box office benchmark in China.

The Bodyguard, Hong Kong veteran Sammo Hung’s first directorial effort in two decades, was slightly edged out by Batman v Superman. The action-drama, which stars Hung and Andy Lau, debuted in a close second with $25.46m from its three-day opening weekend, although it claimed the top spot from Friday through the weekend.

Trailing close in third place was Yang Qing’s Chongqing Hot Pot, which opened with $21.33m from its three-day opening weekend. With a popular cast featuring Monster Hunt actress Bai Baihe and Mojin: The Lost Legend actor Chen Kun, the dark comedy came in second from Friday through the weekend.

Already in its fourth week, Zootopia maintained impressive momentum and ranked fourth with $18.36m. With a total of $215.75m after 31 days (based on RMB1,448m in its original currency), the Disney animation has surpassed Goodbye Mr. Loser and Jurassic World to become the eighth biggest film of all time in China.

The film has also received an extension of 15 days for its release in China – rare for a non-Chinese production.

In fifth place, Zhang Qi’s Who Sleeps My Bro launched with $10.42m from its first three days. The new youth drama is adapted from the popular web series of the same name.

Another new entry was William Brent Bell’s psychological thriller The Boy, which debuted at seventh with $1.02m from its first three days.

The Revenant placed sixth with $5.0m for $55.55m after 17 days. Rounding out the weekly chart were Behind The Yellow Line, which took $0.89m for $2.03m after 10 days; The Rise Of A Tomboy, which earned $0.75m for $9.58m after 17 days; and Gods Of Egypt, which grossed $0.46m for $35.61m after 24 days.

London Has Fallen, which opens on Apr 8, is the only major title set for release this week.