The Berlin Film Festival has released it full line-up to focus on children and young people in cinema – Generation – and includes 31 world premieres.

Films featured include those made for young people and those that document the lives of extraordinary youngsters. Generation is split in to two categories: Generation KPlus and Generation 14Plus.

The competitions award and celebrate the achievements of both feature-length and short films with 60 entries from over 34 countries worldwide.

Stand out films in the Generation 14Plus short film category include the 2012 winner of the Crystal Bear; Australia’s Julian by Matthew Moore and Latvia’s Jauna Suga directed by Evalds Lacis.

Full list of films below

Generation 14plus

Jîn– Turkey

By Reha Erdem

For over 30 years, a war has been raging between guerrillas and the army in Kurdish areas in Turkey. Like an animal on the run Jîn, a young fighter, moves instinctively from one danger to another, across the formidable landscapes.

World Premiere

Princesas Rojas (Red Princesses)- Costa Rica / Venezuela

By Laura Astorga Carrera

Claudia and her sister flee with their parents, Sandinista activists, from the uprisings in Nicaragua to neighbouring Costa Rica. Always on the move, the girls have an unstable life. And their family finds no peace.

World Premiere

Tang Wong – Thailand

By Kongdej Jaturanrasmee

In Bangkok four teenagers have half-heartedly sworn an oath at an altar. They promise that if all goes well, they will publicly perform a traditional tang wong dance. For them, nothing would be more embarrassing.

World Premiere 

Um Fim do Mundo (The End of the World) – Portugal

By Pedro Pinho

A day in the life of teenagers in a suburb of Lisbon. After dark  they often meet each other at the bumper cars, at other times they are drawn to the sunlit beach. This sharply contrasting black-and-white film was generated as a  collective project.

World Premiere

As previously announced, the programme also includes: 

  • Baby Blues (Poland, by Kasia Rosłaniec) - EP
  • Capturing Dad (Japan, by Ryota Nakano) - IP
  • Hide Your Smiling Faces (USA, by Daniel Patrick Carbone) - WP
  • Pluto(Republic of Korea, by Shin Su-won) - IP
  • Shopping(New Zealand, by Louis Sutherland, Mark Albiston) - EP
  • The Cold Lands (USA, by Tom Gilroy) - WP
  • Touch of the Light (Taiwan/ Hong Kong, China, by Chang Jung-Chi) - EP
  • Tough Bond (USA, by Austin Peck and Anneliese Vandenberg) - WP

Generation Kplus

Anina– Columbia / Uruguay

By Alfredo Sordeguit

As punishment for a schoolyard fight, Anina gets a mysterious letter. This opulently animated film tells of friendship, children’s fears and the first twinges of love.

World Premiere

Don’t Expect Praises – People’s Republic of China / Republic of Korea

by Yang Jin

Xiaobo and Yang spend their holidays in the country. Charmingly funny, the film evolves into a seemingly never-ending odyssey of two dissimilar but inseparable friends.

European Premiere

Eskil & Trinidad – Sweden

By Stephan Apelgren

In far northern Sweden, Eskil is always moving with his father from place to place. He longs for his mother in Denmark, where it’s also warmer. Great that the eccentric Trinidad is building a boat to set off for more southern regions.

World Premiere 

La Eterna Noche de las Doce Lunas(The Eternal Night of Twelve Moons) -Columbia

By Priscila Padilla Farfan

In the tradition of the indigenous Wayuu community, girls on the eve of puberty should live in isolation for a period of twelve moons. Using documentary imagery, this film shows young Pili as she prepares for her role as a woman.

World Premiere 

MARUSSIA – France / Russian Federation

By Eva Pervolovici

Little Marussia and her mother are constantly searching for a place to stay for the next night. It’s not easy to find a home when they aren’t even sure if they belong in Russia or France.

World Premiere

Cita - Citaku Setinggi Tanah (Stepping on the Flying Grass) – Indonesia

By Eugene Panji

Little Agus dreams of no less than eating at a fine Padang restaurant. It’s a simple dream but Agus realises he has to do more than want it, he has to make it happen.

International Premiere

As previously announced, the programme also includes: 

  • Kopfüber(UPSIDEdown, Germany, by Bernd Sahling) - WP
  • Mammu, es Tevi mīlu (Mother, I Love You, Latvia, by Jānis Nords) - WP
  • Nono, Het Zigzag Kind (The Zigzag Kid, Netherlands/Belgium, by Vincent Bal) - EP
  • ÖDLAND – Damit keiner das so mitbemerkt (WASTELAND – So that No One Becomes Aware of It, Germany, by Anne Kodura) - WP
  • Satellite Boy (Australia, by Catriona McKenzie) - EP
  • The Rocket(Australia, by Kim Mordaunt) - WP
  • Twa Timoun (Three Kids, Belgium, by Jonas d’Adesky) – EP

Short Films - Generation 14plus

Äta lunch (Eating Lunch, Sweden, by Sanna Lenken) - IP

Barefoot(Canada, by Danis Goulet; Berlinale Generation 14plus 2011: Wapawekka) – IP

The Chair (USA, by Grainger David) - GP

Destimação(Pet Bird, Brazil, by Ricardo de Podestá) - EP

Dina and Noel (Israel, by Sivan Levy, Natalie Melamed) - WP

Djur jag dödade förra sommaren (Animals I Killed Last Summer, Sweden, by Gustav Danielsson) – IP

Flight of the Pompadour (Great Britain, by Karan Kandhari) – IP

The Fox Who Followed the Sound (Iran, by Fatemeh Goudarzi) – out of competition

Första gången (First Time, Sweden, by Anders Hazelius) - WP

Nashorn im Galopp (Germany, by Erik Schmitt) – WP

Ninja & Soldier (Japan, by Isamu Hirabayashi, Berlinale Generation 14plus 2012: 663114) – WP

O Pacote (The Package, Brazil, by Rafael Aidar) - WP

Rabbitland(Serbia, by Nikola Majdak and Ana Nedeljkovic) - WP

Treffit(The Date, Finland, by Jenni Toivoniemi) - GP

Yardbird(Australia, by Michael Spiccia) - GP

The Yearning Room (Sweden, by Minka Jakerson) - WP

You Like It, I Love It(Australia, by James Vaughan) – GP

Short Films - Generation Kplus

The Amber Amulet (Australia, by Matthew Moore; Berlinale Generation Kplus 2012: Julian, winner of the Crystal Bear) - WP

Black Horn Night Heron (Singapore, by Miriam Ditchfield) - WP

The Blue Umbrella (USA, by Saschka Unseld) – WP

Cahaya(USA / Singapore, by Jean Lee) - EP

Cheong(Republic of Korea, by Jung-in KIM) - WP

Ezi un lielpilseta (Hedgehogs and the City, Latvia, by Ēvalds Lācis; Berlinale Generation Kplus 2008: Jauna Suga) – WP

Hannah and the Moon (Great Britain, by Kate Charter) – IP

Happy Birthday (Great Britain, by Muhand Heayl Al Taey) - WP

I’m Going to Mum’s (New Zealand, by Lauren Jackson) - WP

Köttbullarna och mobbångrarna (The Meatballs and Sorry Bullies, Sweden, by Johan Hagelbäck, Berlinale Generation Kplus 2007: Pilgiftsgrodorna) – IP

Krot na more (The Mole at the Sea, Russian Federation, by Anna Kadykova) - IP

Matilde(Italy, by Vito Palmieri) - IP

Niño Arbol (Chile, by Waldo Salgado) - WP

Rosa, Anna’s Lil’ Sis (Belgium, by Janet van den Brand) - IP

Sonyacha Aamba (Golden Mango, India, by Govinda Raju) - EP

Summer Suit (Australia, by Rebecca Peniston-Bird) – EP

Xe tải của bố (My Father’s Truck, Barzil/Vietnam, by Mauricio Osaki) – WP

Zima prishla (Winter Has Come, Russian Federation, Vassiliy Shlychkov) - IP

(WP = World Premiere, IP = International Premiere, EP = European Premiere, GP = German Premiere)