Online & offline video library provides 36 films from all Nordic countries for educational purposes.

Norden and the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival have launched the Nordic Video Library in Estonia, an online and offline video library presenting Nordic films for educational purposes.

Initiated by Nordic Council of Minister’s Office in Estonia and managed by Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival’s BMO online content management and streaming platform, the library provides access to 36 films from all Nordic countries including the likes of Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In [pictured].

“Nordic countries and Estonia have been culturally very close. And therefore the awareness of Nordic films could be higher. With the new platform our goal is to provide recent and older Nordic films for free for film students, lecturers and also Nordic language centres in Estonia. PÖFF, which had the technical platform already developed, joined the initiative and now the platform is ready to use,” commented Berth Sundström, director of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia.

The Nordic Video Library in Estonia will be available for students and lecturers of educational institutions in Estonia, and was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia.