Pulp, a British comedy that combines comic book publishing with international crime, is to become the first film to premiere through Microsoft’s Xbox 360 online service - skipping a theatrical or DVD release.

The film, produced by Reels in Motion, will become available to watch exclusively through Xbox Live in the UK from March 4 with a view to repeating the release in the US and other international markets later this year.

Adam Hamdy, co-director and producer of Pulp, said: “Xbox 360 can instantly distribute Pulp to millions of UK customers and publicize the release in ways that simply aren’t possible with traditional releasing models.”

It has already gained an online following, securing more than a million views of its trailer on YouTube.

The story centres on the owner of a comic book publisher who becomes embroiled in a police operation, aided by his geek sidekicks, to bring down a gang of criminals.

Co-directed by Hamdy and Shaun Magher, it was written by Bode O’Toole and produced by Hamdy, Phil Bland and Phil Chalk.

The cast includes Jay Sutherland, Gavin Molloy, Simon Burbage, Neil Jennings, Lee Ravitz, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Lucy Cudden and John Thomson.

Pulp was selected for the Just For Laughs Comedy Film Festival and secured nominations at the London Comedy Film Festival and Las Vegas Film Festival.