UK advertising watchdog bans broadband advert for being misleading.

A UK TV advert for Sky broadband featuring Bruce Willis has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being misleading.

The advert showed Die Hard star Willis complaining about the speed of his current internet provider, with a character telling him to “try Sky Broadband, it’s totally unlimited”.

A voice-over then said the service was £7.50 a month. But on-screen text stated the deal was only for existing Sky TV customers.

The ASA said the advert was not sufficiently clear.

Earlier in the advert, on-screen text stated consumers needed to buy Sky Talk, calls and line rental - costing £14.50 a month - to receive Sky’s broadband service, while Sky TV prices started at £21.50 per month.

One viewer complained to the ASA that the advert did not make clear the extent of the commitment customers had to make in order to receive the service advertised for £7.50. The ASA also took issue with the fact that the text advertising the price claim was only present for 15 seconds in the advert and not throughout.

Sky said the TV ad made its pricing clear and was not confusing to the average viewer but the ASA said the advert was not sufficiently clear and it ruled that the advert must not appear in its current form again.