Source: Courtesy Patricio Valladares

Patricio Valladares (R) on set of ‘PerKings’

Patricio Valladares, the Chilean genre ace and market mainstay behind Hidden In The Woods and Downhill, is looking to attach a sales agent to his later film, the crime dark comedy PerKings.

Production wrapped recently in Chillán in the Ñuble region in southern Chile on the story of a small-time thug in his 50’s who embarks on a spree of bank robberies to pay back a drug baron after a rival cartel steals his goods.

Rodrigo Huepe, Cristian Cuentrejo, and Giordano Rossi star in PerKings. Vittorio Farfan and Valladares are serving as producers on the Moral Bros Entertainment production, and Diego Moral Heimpell is executive producer.

The filmmakers intend to tour Perkings on the genre festival circuit in 2023.

“Latin American genre films often work better abroad, and have very positive expectations for streamer releasing, in particular in English-speaking territories,” said Valladares. “We hope this will be a welcome entry to the Chilean action comedy genre. We wanted to focus on a very Latin American story while thinking of a movie that would offer broad appeal.”

Valladares’s body of work includes Hidden In The Woods English-langauge remake starring Michael Biehn and William Forsythe, as well as Cannibal Holidays, which the filmmaker also produced with Farfan alongside CEO Michael Merhi of Germany’s Redrum Films.