Korean sales company also reports brisk pre-sales on Confidential Assignment and Fabricated City.

Saigon Bodyguards

Korea’s CJ Entertainment has sealed Japanese deals on action title Master, which has been sold to Twin, and Vietnamese action comedy Saigon Bodyguards, which has gone to Gaga.

Directed by Cho Ui-seok and starring Lee Byung-hun, Master has also gone to Taiwan (Movie Cloud), Hong Kong (Deltamac), Singapore/Malaysia (Clover Films), Australia/New Zealand (JBG Pictures), Turkey (Medyavizyon), Philippines (Viva), Mongolia (Bloomsbury), India (VR Films), Italy (Minerva), Thailand (M Pictures) and China (Lemon Tree).

Saigon Bodyguards, a Vietnamese-language title directed by Japan’s Ken Ochiai, has also been sold to India (VR Films) and Australia/New Zealand (JBG Pictures). CJ E&M released the film in Vietnam, where it topped the box office in December.

In addition, CJ has also pre-sold Kim Sung-hoon’s Confidential Assignment to Taiwan (Movie Cloud), Hong Kong (Deltamac), Middle East (Gulf Film), Philippines (Viva), Australia/New Zealand (JBG Pictures), India (VR Films) and Mongolia (Bloomsbury).

Fabricated City, directed by Park Kwang-hyun (Welcome To Dongmakgol) was pre-sold to Taiwan (Long Shong), Hong Kong (Deltamac), India (VR Films), Philippines (Viva), Mongolia (Bloomsbury), Australia/New Zealand (JBG Pictures) and Italy (Minerva).