A group of cinemas picked by ARRI to test out Deluxe’s open-access, point-to-point digital delivery network.

Deluxe and ARRI Film & TV Services GmbH are set to trial Deluxe Connect in Germany.

Developed by Deluxe with their systems integration partner Hewlett Packard, Deluxe Connect is an open-access, point-to-point digital delivery network that has already successfully delivered nearly 1,000 feature films across Europe.

ARRI has selected a group of cinemas to use Deluxe Connect in a series of trials that will help definite optimal workflows for content delivery in the German Speaking area. ARRI and Deluxe are coordinating the installation and offering connectivity and the hardware at no cost to the cinema owners.

It is anticipated that all cinemas will soon benefit from a full-scale implementation.

ARRI’s Harald Schernthaner commented: “We believe that the versatile and mature system architecture, which Deluxe and HP have developed, better supports the special market conditions that prevail in our markets than any of the several electronic systems we have examined and tested.”

“Our work with ARRI and ARRI’s innate industry understanding and profound technical and market knowledge means that Deluxe Connect can be competently and efficiently dovetailed into the needs of the German Speaking market,” added Mark Burton, Deluxe’s managing director.