Iran’s Soureh Pictures Company has launched sales on powerful documentary A157, which follows three Kurdish girls who fell pregnant after been raped by members of extremist group Islamic State (ISIS).

It is the latest film by Behrouz Nouranipour, whose past works include God Doesn’t Make A Mistake [pictured], about a family coming to terms with the tragic death of its camel-driver patriarch, and A Crime In Silence, capturing the long-term impact of chemical weapons attacks on people in a village on the Iran-Iraq border.

The title A157 refers to the number of the girls’ tent in a refugee camp on the Turkish border with Syria.

“It’s a beautiful film capturing the tragic story of three young women who were raped by Daesh fighters,” said Maryam Naghibi, head of international sales at Soureh. “We sent the film to Berlin and are awaiting a response.”

One of Iran’s biggest producers and distributors, Soureh is attending Dubai Film Market for the first time this year. Other new titles on its slate include feature-length family animation Mobarak by Ali Najafi Emami. The work, which has been submitted to Annecy International Film Festival, is inspired by the characters of Persian poet Ferdowsi’s Farsi classic epic Shahnameh, or Book Of Kings. The mythical characters are portrayed as a set of puppets that are stolen from their puppet-master owner.