Trade association will be hosting a number of events in its ECA Lounge.

The Event Cinema Association (ECA) has announced it will create an ECA Lounge at this year’s CineEurope (June 16-19).

Continuing its commitment to promote and support the Event Cinema industry, the ECA Lounge will be utilised for networking and will provide ECA sponsors the chance to speak directly to delegates who are involved in the sector.

Phillips, in association with the ECA, are providing a LightVibes mini theatre installation which they will be demonstrating throughout the event, while Audience Entertainment will also be showcasing their Interactive Dimension technology..

On top of this, there will be several presentations from sponsors DSAT Cinema, Akuentic/Euromedia, SmartJog Ymagis Logistics and Motion Picture Solutions.

Melissa Keeping [pictured], founder and chair of the ECA, commented: “CineEurope is one of the biggest events on the calendar for the ECA; it’s a way to reach and support our members in as direct a way as possible.”

“We’ve been swamped with interest in the ECA Lounge and have some fantastic events taking place in Barcelona offering the event cinema industry a bespoke place to gather, network, inform and be informed,” added Sue Meara, events manager.