The 26th European Film Awards (EFAs) will include the launch of a new European Comedy award.

The move has been decided by the EFA board at its latest meeting in Berlin to “pay tribute to a genre which has proven able to unite and entertain audiences across Europe and beyond”.

The three nominations for the category will be decided by a special committee and the winner will be voted for by the members of the European Film Academy, which total more than 2,800.

This year’s ceremony, due to take place in Berlin on December 7, will also include the re-launch of awards for European Sound Designer and European Costume Designer.

The recipients of those two awards will be determined by a special seven-member jury – a new addition to the EFA’s awarding procedures – which will also decide the winners of editor, production designer, composer and cinematography (Prix Carlo di Palma).

Recipients in the other categories will be elected by the European Film Academy members.