Empress Road Pictures is to handle international sales on Facility 31 from UK based horror production company Bad Blood Films.

British based horror production company Bad Blood Films has signed a deal with LA-based sales company Empress Road Pictures who will represent their debut horror feature Facility 31 worldwide. 

The horror film centres around an army prisoner who has to lead a group of detainees to safety from an abandoned asylum.

LA sales and finance company Empress Road Pictures is fronted by Faisal Toor and Galen Christy, both formerly of the CAA.

 “We’re looking forward to working with Empress Road Pictures to bring the horror fans an original, high quality horror production with a story that will grab them from the opening scene,” said Mark Kenna, CEO &  Producer - Bad Blood Films.

Facility 31 will be represented by Empress Road Pictures at AFM in November 2014 for a 2015 release.