Six projects have been selected to take part in MovieMed, a two-day event which aims to bring together the film and tourism industries (January 18 -19).

The producers of the six projects, which are at different stages in the production process, will be given the chance to pitch their films to key tourism officials in Egypt, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia, with a view to securing partnerships and location support.

The event, to be held in Marseille, is backed by the Film France, which is made up of a network of 41 local film commissions throughout the country offering location and crew support.

The six selected projects chosen to take part are:

Does Anything Ever Happen, directed by Robert MacLean. A feature thriller set in Glasgow and on a Mediterranean island. Produced by Juliusz Kossakowski for Wind Fish Motion Pictures (UK).

La Méditerranée de Camus, Amour De Vivre, directed by Luis Ortas Pau. A documentary about a writer and Nobel Prize winner who notably lived in Algeria and France.Produced by  Cinetica (Spain).

Al Andalus, written and directed by Ahmed Atef. An epic feature set in 9th century Andalusia and Europe, against a background of flamenco. Produced by Egypt Films (Egypt).

Le Vent A Djemila, written and directed by Eric Capitaine. A documentary series on different winds around the world and their relationships with the populations whose existence they share. Produced by De films En aiguille (France).

Mythology Rocks In 3D, written by Kira Madallo Sesay. An action and adventure musical feature revisiting the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, filmed in 3D. Produced by Kalliope Films (USA). The director is yet to be confirmed.

La Route Des Oliviers, directed by Michel Noll. Documentary series tracing through the millenia the story of the olive tree. Produced by Solférino Images (France).