Eisenstein in Guanajuato among ten productions to receive support from the Screen Flanders economic fund.

Ten productions have received funding from the Screen Flanders economic fund, including Peter Greenaway’s feature Eisenstein in Guanajuato.

Finnish actor Elmer Bäck is attached to star as the pioneering Russian filmmaker in Greenaway’s film about the short-lived but passionate love affair between Eisenstein and his guide in Mexico.

The funding body gave out €2.2m ($3m) to the projects which will spend part of their budget in the Flanders region.

Amounts per project vary between € 90,000 ($123,000) and €400,000 ($546,680) per project.

The Screen Flanders fund has processed three calls since its launch in 2012. A total of 40 applications have been approved for a total of €9.2 million ($12.5 million) repayable support.

The 10 projects to receive Screen Flanders support in this call:

  • Bevergem Dir: Gilles Coulier; Main/Belgian prod: De Wereldvrede (BE); BE; fiction
  • Bloed, zweet en tranen Dir: Diederick Koopal; Main prod: Lemming Film (NL); Belgian co-prod: A Private View; NL – BE; fiction
  • Brabançonne Dir: Vincent Bal; Main/Belgian prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama; BE – LU; fiction
  • De Derby Dir: Lenny Van Wesemael, Main/Belgian prod: Menuet; BE; fiction
  • Eisenstein in Guanajuato Dir: Peter Greenaway; Main prod: Paloma Negra (MX); Belgian co-prod: Potemkino; MX – NL – FI – BE – FR; fiction
  • Lee en Cindy C. Dir: Stany Crets; Main/Belgian prod: Oud België Producties; BE; fiction
  • Percy and His Friends 2 Dir: Federico Milella; Main prod: Fabrique D’Images (LU); Belgian co-prod: Skyline Entertainment; LU – BE  – FR; animation
  • Richard the Stork Dir: Toby Genkel; Main prod: Knudsen & Steuber Medienmanufaktur (DE); Belgian co-prod: Walking The Dog; DE – BE – LU – NO; animation
  • The Sum of Histories Dir: Lukas Bossuyt; Main/Belgian prod: Caviar Antwerp; BE – NL; fiction
  • W. Dir: Frank Van Mechelen; Main/Belgian prod: Skyline Entertainment; BE; fiction