Screen can reveal the first trailer for Force Of Habit, a Finnish feature comprised of six short films about women looking at gender stereotypes.

The all-female production explores the different forms of discrimination faced by women both in public and in private. Screen first reported on the project in October last year.

The episodes that comprise the anthology are presented under the four category banners of consent, rape, gaze and power dynamics.

15 female directors and screenwriters were assembled for the Finnish production, six episodes of which have been assembled into this feature.

The film will have its international premiere on January 30 at Sweden’s Goteborg Film Festival, as part of the ‘Focus: Feminism’ strand.

Prior releases from Tuffi Films include Selma Vihunen’s Oscar-nominated short Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?, and Finland’s 2020 0scar submission Stupid Young Heart, also by Vihunen.

Force Of Habit is produced by Elli Toivoniemi and Sanna Kultanen of Tuffi Films, with Sweden’s Siri Hjorton Wagner and Farima Karim also on board as co-producers.

International rights were acquired by the Paris-based sales company Totem Films, and the project’s rollout both locally and internationally will be accompanied by an awareness campaign surrounding issues of gender stereotyping.