Deconstructing Cinematic Realities will run in Moscow’s Gorky Park from Aug 30-Sept 16.

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture’s learning programme Garage Screen will present a new film programme, organised in collaboration with International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), in Moscow’s Gorky Park from Aug 30-Sept 16.

Deconstructing Cinematic Realities will address cinema’s ability to blur the line between fiction and reality, and will present 26 works - full-length films and shorts - from directors around the world, many of which premiered at this year’s IFFR.

Among them are Eduardo Nunes’ black-and-white Sudoeste, with Nunes in attendance for a talk on Aug 30, Davide Manuli’s surreal post-Western The Legend of Kaspar Hauser [pictured] and Francophrenia (or Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where The Baby Is), a short thriller comprised of James Franco’s guest appearances in US daytime drama General Hospital.

The film selection was picked by Garage Screen’s Olya Borissova and IFFR programmer Inge de Leeuw. The full lineup can be found on Garage Screen’s website.