Love story completes a trilogy of features.

Gareth Jones

Delirium, the latest film from British director Gareth Jones, has commenced principal photography in Surrey.

The story centres on a composer’s existential, familial and political crisis over the completion of a Requiem commissioned to celebrate his college’s centenary.  A natural rebel flying in the face of academic authority, he finds himself both inspired and compromised by the arrival of a young cellist carrying secrets from his colourful past.

The film stars Gareth Jones, Clare Grogan, Timothy West, Mamta Kaash and cellist Alisa Liubarskaya.

Delirium is the third in a trilogy of feature films by Gareth Jones based on creative artists at a crossroads: blocked screenplay writer (Desire), traumatized war photographer (Delight) and now international composer with a record to defend.  

A complete Requiem has been composed as part of the dramatic narrative of the film.

Alex Ryle completes the trilogy as director of photography as does producer/composer Fiona Howe.  

The film is produced by Scenario Films and release is planned for 2016