The R.D. Liang biopic stars David Tennant in the lead role, alongside Elisabeth Moss.

David Tennant

GSP Studios will commence sales of Mad To Be Normal, a biopic about Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, at the forthcoming EFM (Feb 11-19).

Production began last week on the film, which stars David Tennant as Liang, alongside Elisabeth Moss, Michael Gambon and Gabriel Byrne.

GSP Studios is also acting as a co-producer on the project, which is being produced by London-based Gizmo Films in collaboration with Bad Penny Productions.

A four-week shoot is currently underway in the UK, much of which will be housed at GSP’s production facilities in York, as well as on location in London.

International rights were previously being handled by sales outfit Double Dutch.

The film charts the story of world-renowned Scottish psychiatrist Laing and his acolytes at Kingsley Hall, East London, during the 1960s.

Writer and director Robert Mullan is a veteran documentarian and has also penned three books about Liang.

Screen first announced the project last Cannes.