High Point Media Group acquires world rights to Barbara Bredero’s school-set comedy [pictured], which broke records domestically in Holland.

Following the success of Cool Kids Don’t Cry (sold to 12 territories to date), High Point Media Group has acquired world rights to Class of Fun (Mees Kees).

Barbara Bredero’s school-set comedy broke records domestically in Holland, reaching over 400,000 admissions and has so far taken over $5.2m at the box office. The film centres on a young, maverick teacher who livens up lessons to the annoyance of a rules-obsessed principal, and a sequel is already set for production this summer with further instalments planned.

Class of Fun was produced by Paul Voorthuysen for PV Pictures.

Carey Fitzgerald, managing director, High Point Media Group, commented: “The wide popularity of Cool Kids Don’t Cry clearly shows how hotly in demand the family genre is these days and now we are thrilled to be working with the highly skilled and experienced PV Pictures who have delivered top marks with Class of Fun.”