Navid Negahban [pictured] to star in first Persian-language film shot in Israel.

Production is set to begin later this month on Baba Joon, the first Persian-language film shot in Israel.

Directed by Yuval Delshad, the film stars Navid Negahban, who played Abu Nazir on Emmy-winning series Homeland, alongside the likes of Viss Elliot Safavi and David Diaan. It will also feature Iranian-Israelis acting on the screen for the first time.

Baba Joon tells the story of Moti (Asher Avrahami in his feature debut) who decides to rebel against his father and to object to the tradition and rules that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Delshad wrote the screenplay inspired by his own personal story as the son of Iranian immigrants.

Produced by David Silber of Metro Productions and Moshe & Leon Edri of United King, the film will shoot in the Negev desert for five weeks.

It is funded by the Rabinovich Fund for the Arts, the Gesher Fund for Multicultural Cinema and the Nazarian Family Foundation.