US online video service Hulu plans to launch 20 original titles next year with the UK firmly in its sights as a primary source for content. 

Hulu has previously acquired a raft of British comedies and dramas including Misfits, Spy and The Only Way Is Essex and co-produces BBC heist comedy The Wrong Mans and is keen to add to its portfolio as the VoD service prepares to double its investment in content.

Speaking at Israeli conference IN TV, Alex Kruglov, head of content acquisition at Hulu said that he wanted to acquire more shows like Moone Boy to offer exclusively.  

“That’s really interesting for us; if we can be the only platform for these shows in the US, then we can take these risks,” he said. 

Kruglov added that the majority of UK shows that debut on Hulu go on to be remade by the major Hollywood studios, pointing to Spy, Rev and Misfits as shows which have been formatted for the US market after being made available on the platform. 

Hulu’s shopping list also included kids series after recently finding success with animated shows such as Tayo: The Little Bus and Fraggle Rock

“We want to more money to pour into content production,” he added. 

However, Hulu is unlikely to launch outside of the US and Japan in the near future following the recent investment push it received from its owners. 

“We have no immediate plans to expand outside of the US,” he said. “But we have huge plans to grow within the US.”