Award for outstanding contribution to cinema was made unanimously by Directors of the newly created AEC.

Pierre Kalfon has been presented with the first-ever Les Enfants du Paradis award, named after Marcel Carne’s 1945 masterpiece, for outstanding contribution to cinema.

The award was made unanimously by the Directors of the newly created L’Association d’Entraide aux Cineastes (AEC), conceived by the President of the Cannes Film Festival Gilles Jacob and initiated by Frederic Mitterand. Frederic Mitterand, the French Minister for Culture and Communication, presented Kalfon with the award at a private ceremony last month in Paris.

Kalfon has worked in film for some fifty years in a wide variety of roles, both in France and internationally.

The AEC’s stated aim is provide financial support to individuals who have made a major contribution to the legacy of cinema and to its cultural impact. The annual “Les Enfants du Paradis” award for lifetime achievement is its first initiative.