Course aimed at marketeers promoting cultural or specialised releases.

With support from Creative Skillset, the Independent Cinema Office (ICO) has launched a new digital marketing course for marketeers working in the independent exhibition sector on cultural or specialised releases.

The advanced level course is designed for people with some marketing experience working in independent cinemas, film festivals, cross-arts venues and pop-ups across the UK. It will be run over Sept 13-14 in London, followed by implementation of pilot projects between Sept-Feb before participants are reunited for a one-off workshop to present their results in Manchester or Newcastle.

Rachael Castell, Digital Producer at English National Opera and New Business Consultant at Digital Theatre, will lead the course with speakers including digital marketing experts from the likes of Film4.0, Omnicom, Rabbit Agency, Trigger and Trufflenet. Applications are invited but the number of places on the course is limited, with serious consideration given to applicants who can demonstrate that they are keen to contribute ideas and are bright film marketeers.

“Digital marketing presents a massive opportunity to build audiences for cultural film, with new platforms, techniques and approaches emerging all the time. The Creative Digital Marketing programme seeks to maximise this opportunity by developing a new cohort of experts in the field,” commented Tilly Walnes [pictured], Head of Exhibitor Development, ICO.

Dan Simmons, Creative Skillset’s Head of Film, added: “Given the critical role of digital marketing in audience development, this is a fantastic course to help nurture and strengthen these essential skills within the sector, supporting the growth of businesses and helping to develop bigger audiences for cultural cinema in the UK. We are delighted to be supporting the ICO who have an excellent reputation and track record in delivering training to this sector.”