German company recently worked on Korean drama R2B: Return to Base.

Korean air combat drama, R2B: Return to Base is the third feature film to be mixed in German company IOSONO’s 3D sound format. IOSONO 3D sound was also used in Tarsem Singh’s Immortals and another Korean war drama, My Way.

Return to Base, originally titled Soar into the Sun, tells a Top Gun-style story of a South Korean air force pilot and features aerial action scenes of combat fighter aircraft. Re-recording mixer Suk Won Kim said of the immersive audio mix: “I really enjoyed the mixing process, which was full of creativity and variability. The audience will really feel the air combat sounds, my favorite part is the battle in the sky of Seoul city.”

The mix was done at BlueCap Soundworks studios in Seoul.

Director Dong-won Kim commented: “I experienced a world of sound that I never experienced before. It feels like the movie characters and the scenes are coming alive with the sound. I would love to have IOSONO 3D sound on my next movie again.”

CEO of IOSONO, Olaf Stepputat, added: “With cinema installations on three continents, and now the third movie mixed in IOSONO 3D sound in less than a year, we are continuously expanding our spearheading position in 3D cinema sound.”

Last week, IOSONO opened their SWD-IOSONO Studio, a 3D sound showroom and laboratory at the Shanghai offices of SWD Group, the design division of microphone manufacturer sE Electronics. IOSONO will use the new location for music and film sound production, demonstration and training. The studio will be fitted with IOSONO’s Spatial Audio Processor IPC 100 and 94 sE Munro Egg speakers placed in three layers.

“We’re proud to open this new studio with such an esteemed partner. It perfectly fits our partner network expansion strategy and establishes IOSONO 3D sound in Asia further on,” remarked Stepputat.