Company behind high-concept genre franchise are raising equity crowdfunding via Finland’s Invesdor.

The film-makers behind genre hit Iron Sky are raising equity crowdfunding for Iron Sky Universe, the company which owns the franchise.

It marks the first time in film history where the audience has a chance to purchase shares directly for their favoured franchise. The funding will take place via the Finnish service and investors will become full shareholders in the company with a minimum investment of €250.

Iron Sky Universe aims to make the Iron Sky franchise into a multi-channel sci-fi saga produced and distributed in co-operation with its audience.

Tero Kaukomaa, head of business of Iron Sky Universe, commented: “We managed to produce the first Iron Sky with a pure rage boosted by the help from our audience. Now the target is to build a sufficient organisation to execute our production and distribution strategy.”

The core team of Iron Sky Universe consists of Kaukomaa, director Timo Vuorensola and community manager Jarmo Puskala. Roughly 10% of the funding for the first film was raised through crowdfunding, while the sequel managed to raise more than $180,000 for project development.

For more information, visit the campaign’s page.