Avatar director will reflect on 3D’s journey in recent years and the future.

James Cameron has been confirmed for the 3D Creative Summit 2014, which will be held at the BFI in London on March 12-13.

In an exclusive recorded interview, Cameron will discuss developments in 3D since his game changing 2009 blockbuster Avatar.  

The director will also share his thoughts on what the future holds as he prepares to begin production on Avatar 2 as well as his experience filming the Deep Sea Challenge and his continuing drive to push the limits of 3D technology.

The event, organised by Ravensbourne and the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society, will also include a Q&A with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and stereographer Demetri Portelli who will talk about The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivit and present some of the first footage from the upcoming film.

In addition, stereo supervisor Chris Parks will discuss award-winner Gravity while other presentation will include Russia’s highest grossing local film Stalingrad by Steve Schklair and Cathedrals of Culture with stereographer Josephine DeRobe.

The event, sponsored by Creative Skillset, will feature a series of exclusive screenings and Q&As including:

  • Josh Hollander shares a showcase of Pixar’s 3D work
  • Mark Brownlow of BBC Earth - Hidden Kingdoms (on TV in 2D now - first chance to see the 3D version)
  • Brian May’s The Diableries, a 20-year journey to assemble the treasured collection of 1860’s stereographs
  • A case study of Man of Steel with Legend3D creative director/stereo VFX supervisor Jared Sandrew
  • ‘The Rare and Amazing History of 3D’ with cinema historian Ian Christie
  • A Sky Sports special presentation
  • Restoration of lost 3D films from the 1950’s with Buzz Hays

Also in attendance will be Jim Chabin, president of the International 3D Society

Further details about the programme can be found here: www.3dcreativesummit.com

Ticket information: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/3d-creative-summit-tickets-10167899461

Producers Lab

In addition, the 3D Creative Summit Producers Lab taking place at the BFI on March 13.

The event will look for the next generation of 3D producers who are in the process of making or have ambitions to make a 3D project - be it a short, a feature for theatrical or broadcast distribution.

Following on from its success last year, the lab is now being extended to a full day.

Producers are invited to apply for places at the Producers Lab now, up until Feb 24.

Speakers confirmed so far include:

  • Catherine Owens - producer for the U2 3D and creative advisor for 3D platform 3doo
  • Steve Schklair - CEO, 3ality, talking about Stalingrad, The Hobbit and Spider-Man
  • Tony Maher, who provides production for ONSIGHT with complete technical management from shoot to post, focusing primarily on features and 3D.

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to apply for the Lab:

  • Produced 3 short films / TV programmes
  • Feature film or 3D project in development

The day explores three key areas:

  • Technical - a tool kit for the people and kit needs for every kind of 3D project
  • Inspirational - the participants of the lab will be taking 3D in to the future – following in the footsteps of Ang Lee and Alfonso Cuaron, they will be inspired and galvanised in to action
  • Creative - What makes a project 3D? How can you tell and how can you best develop it?

Deadline for applications at http://www.3dcreativesummit.com/thelab is Feb 24