Director’s Spivet is first feature to use ARRI camera.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is using the Alexa M camera system on his upcoming 3D film The Young And Prodigious Spivet, the first time the camera has been used on a feature.

Currently in production in Canada the film is based on the book The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larsen.

The Alexa M camera system has reduced the size and weight of the Alexa 3D rigs by 20% for greater mobility on location.

Cinematographer Thomas Hardmeier (22 Bullets) chose the camera system for its strong colour rendering, latitude and cinematic qualities.

The film is shooting with Cameron Pace Group 3D rigs and technology.

Stereographer Demetri Portelli, whose credits include Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, said: “This is an important film for the 3D industry, Jean-Pierre is a master filmmaker who is shooting very ambitious material on a modest budget. The film stands to prove that extraordinary 3D images can be created of the highest quality with a director who visualizes the story from its inception to be shot in native 3D capture.”

“I’m incredibly pleased to be debuting the Alexa M in 3D with the support of ARRI and CPG,” said Ben Gervais, engineer and systems supervisor. “Our main 3D rig is now comparable in size to a 35mm camera with a 1,000 foot magazine.”