EXCLUSIVE: Dutch producer to resume his long-standing relationship with Peter Greenaway.

Dutch producer Kees Kasander is to resume his long-standing relationship with British director Peter Greenaway – and they already have several new projects together in the pipeline.

Greenaway’s current production - Eisenstein in Guanajuato (sold by Rezo) - is the first film he has made without Kasander for many years. With Kasander unavailable, it was produced instead by fellow Dutch producers Femke Wolting and Bruno Felix of Submarine alongside Cristina Velasco.

Now, Kasander and Greenaway are back in business together and already looking a long way ahead with 15 projects together.

The next film they are making together is Walking To Paris, a biopic about artist Constantin Brancusi. When he was a young man, Brancusi walked all the way from Romania to Paris. Stealth are in talks to handle international sales. The aim is to start shooting in the autumn.

Kasander is producing through his London company Cinatura UK. Other partners in the project are CDP (Catherine Dussart), Abis Studio (Gabi Antal) and Cobra Film AG (Susann Rudlinger).

Greenaway is also planning to make his Thomas Mann adaptation, Food Of Love (based on Death In Venice).

Further down the line, Greenaway will make romantic comedy 4 Storms & 2 Babies, which will be shot in Denmark. Kasander compares it to a “combination of A Zed And Two Noughts and Drowning By Numbers”. The Danish co-producer is Morten Kjems Juhl of Beofilm.

The prolific British is also still planning to make his Hieronymus Bosch biopic in time for the 500th anniversary of the visionary artist’s death in 2016.

Greenaway’s 2012 feature Goltzius and the Pelican Company, which Kasander produced, will be shown at the National Gallery in the UK later in the summer.

Outside his work with Greenaway, Kasander also has several other features in development. Killer Surreal by director Paul Tickell is scripted by Paul Mayersberg and is about a series of unsolved murders in Trieste.

Scent Of Books is the new feature by Alejandro Agresti which Kasander describe as “a grey pound film”.

Thief, the new feature from Emily Young, is a future noir film set in London.

Kasander is also continuing to develop Cross My Mind, which the late Antonia Bird was originally slated to direct with a cast including Peter Mullan and Olivia Williams. A new director is expected to be announced shortly.

The Dutch producer is working with director Luke Watson on The Devil’s Outlaw, a Middle Ages-set art house action thriller with a female protagonist.

Kasander is also looking to become more actively involved in the distribution and marketing of his films through Cinatura.