Jay And SIlent Bob Reboot

Source: Courtesy of Saban Films

Jay And SIlent Bob Reboot

Saban Films announced in Sundance on Friday (25) it has picked up North American rights to Kevin Smith’s sequel to his 2001 comedy Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back as part of its new push to board IP early.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group acquired all international rights to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which has commenced production and sees Jason Mewes and Smith reprise their lead roles alongside a number of returning players from the original, as well as a fresh crop of cameos.

Saban Films said it had committed to a “substantial theatrical release” on the story. Jordan Monsanto of Smodco is producing alongside Destro Film’s Liz Destro. Hideout Pictures, Mickey Gooch Jr’s Skitbags Entertainment, and Fan Owned Legion M are the equity financiers, and Three Point Capital Louisiana and Intercut Capital provide debt financing.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot marks the latest escapade involving the cult stoners who first appeared in Clerks 25 years ago, and resurfaced in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks II, as well as the animated film Jay And Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.

Saban Films’ Bill Bromiley said, “Jay And Silent Bob is a global franchise which has a very loyal fan base. Partnering with Kevin at script stage on the next chapter of these iconic characters is a huge milestone. This is the beginning of a new initiative at Saban Films, to partner on IP with seasoned filmmakers and talent early on in the creative process all the way through distribution.”

Smith said, “Last February, I almost died. So on the one year anniversary of my widow-maker heart attack, as a celebration of life and a big ol’ F you to Death, my best friend and I will be rolling cameras on a sequel/remake/reboot of a movie we first made nearly twenty years ago! In Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back our herbal heroes found out Hollywood was making a movie based on them, so they journeyed out to Hollywood to stop it.

“But I’ve learned so much as a storyteller and have grown immensely as a filmmaker since then, so audiences can expect something completely different: In Jay & Silent Bob Reboot our herbal heroes find out Hollywood is making a reboot of the old movie that was based on them, so they journey out to Hollywood to stop it again. I offer my (literal) undying thanks to our amazing partners at Saban and Universal for making this dream come true and backing this cinematic silliness!”

Mewes added, “I’m tired of doing Shakespeare all the time so it’ll be nice to get back to playing Jay again. It may be 25 years since I first played the idiot man-child from Jersey but this time’s going to be the best because I’ve really grown into the role of idiot man-child in my old age.”

Bromiley and Jonathan Saba negotiated the deal for Saban Films, with Jackie Eckhouse of Sloss Eckhouse LawCo on behalf of the filmmakers.