Filmmaker produced a series of hugely successful ‘X’ certificate movies between 1958 and 1983.

Prolific British exploitation filmmaker Stanley Long has died, aged 78. Long died of natural causes on Monday in Buckinghamshire.

Dubbed the ‘King of Sexploitation’, Long produced a series of successful ‘X’ certificate movies between 1958 and 1983 such as Nudist Memories (1959), Take Off Your Clothes and Live (1963) and The Wife Swappers (1969).

Born in London in 1933, Long began his career as a press photographer for Picture Post before a stint with the RAF. Within a couple of years of returing to London, Long’s company Stag Films had made over 150 shorts before progressing onto theatrical features. His 1960 documentary West End Jungle, purported to show London prostitutes plying their trade at Piccadilly Circus, was banned by the BBFC and remained without a certificate until 2008, paving the way for provocative films from Long such as London in the Raw (1964) and Primitive London (1965).

Along with his brother Peter, he set up their own company Alpha Film Distribution to distribute Long’s Adventures of a Taxi Driver which went on to become the eighth biggest hit of 1976, selling to 36 overseas territories and spawning two sequels.

Long was also hired by other filmmakers to work on their features, such as Roman Polanksi who approached Long to complete camera-work on his movie Repulsion.

Recently, Long worked with his company Salon and made it one of the most popular post-production facilities in Europe, working on blockbusters such as V for Vendetta and Batman Begins.

Long is survived by his wife, the former dancer, Julie Williams.