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Source: JaniceD’Avila, Hans Bouma

Breaking Social

Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten’s feature doc Breaking Social, which has been selected to world premiere in competition at CPH:Dox next month, has sold to Germany (Mindjazz), Netherlands (Cinema Delicatessen), Sweden (Triart), Canada (Level Films), and several Balkan countries including Croatia (Restart) and Serbia (Five Stars), ahead of its EFM screening.

Getten is repping the film himself through his WG Film.

Breaking Social examines turning points that make people want to organise and protest such as the assassination of an investigative journalist in Malta and a dried up river in Chile. Gertten told Screen the film asks if “society can afford the rich” and lays out the “global pattern of kleptocracy”.  

“We live in an upside-down economy. Those who contribute the most, receive the least,” Gertten said.

He explained the idea is to bring the distributors together so they will be able to brainstorm and share ideas on releasing strategy.  “We’ve done this before,” Gertten said of the decision to handle the doc in house at WG Film rather than appoint a world sales agent.  However, he suggested the company will again go down the sales agent route on future projects.

“We need sales agents, we love sales agents, we really respect and admire their work and skills.”

Breaking Social is produced by Margarete Jangard of WG Film.