Creator of the Steadicam [pictured] to receive festival’s Vision Award.

Garrett Brown, creator of the revolutionary Steadicam, will receive Locarno’s Vision Award.

The award distinguishes who, through their inspirations and technical knowledge, have left their mark on film history.

Brown created and perfected the Steadicam in the 1970s, revolutionising thinking about and the practice of cinematography. He won an Oscar in 1977 for its invention.

He now holds 50 patents for devices that include the Steadicam Merlin, a miniature version for camcorders, and numerous award-winning cameras for sporting events such as the wire-suspended Skycam.

Locarno artistic director Carlo Chatrian commented: “It is both an honour and a pleasure to welcome Garrett Brown to Locarno; he is one of those artists who has enabled cinema to make a giant step forward, and for reality to be explored in a new way.

“Both fluis and muscular, nimble and precise, his Steadicam has made its mark on the horizons of cinema from the 70s to this very day, and in its various patented versions seems an essential tool when both movement and definition are required.”

Brown was involved in the likes of Rocky, Star Wars - Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Shining.

The 67th edition of the Festival del film Locarno takes place Aug 6-16.