EXCLUSIVE: Producers quash pending civil action after private resolution.

The high-profile dispute between the producers of Jane Got a Gun and director Lynne Ramsay has been resolved.

According to a statement sent to ScreenDaily, the two parties have reached a mutually satisfactory agreement which has led to pending civil action brought by some of the producers being dropped.

The statement reads: “Jane Got a Gun Production LLC and Lynne Ramsay announce the pending civil action and all other disputes between the parties associated with Jane Got a Gun Motion Picture have been resolved privately and to their mutual satisfaction.”

It is not immediately clear whether the agreement included a financial settlement. Parties close to Ramsay were unable to comment.

BAFTA-winning director Ramsay, currently in Greece writing her next project, has recently signed with Josh Varney of UK management and production outfit 42.

The former WME client is currently without US agency representation but is managed there by her former WME rep Chris Donnelly who left the firm to join LBI early this year. Jodi Peikoff remains her legal rep.

Lauded writer-director Ramsay, whose last feature We Need to Talk About Kevin played in competition at Cannes in 2011, abruptly quit Jane Got A Gun days before shoot in March last year, sparking acrimony.

Multiple sources have speculated that the disagreement between Ramsay and the producer Scott Steindorf emanated from perceived delays and control of final cut.

Ramsay has not spoken publically about the reasons for her departure.

Gavin O’Connor was quickly hired to take over as director but Ramsay was followed off the production by actors Jude Law and Bradley Cooper. Michael Fassbender had previously left the project.

Last November, reports emerged of a bitter lawsuit filed by some of the film’s producers, demanding re-payment of money owed to them by Ramsay who they described as “abusive” and “disruptive”.

The suit was denied by Ramsay’s representation at the time who described the allegations as “simply false”.

Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor and Joel Edgerton star in Western drama Jane Got A Gun – a long-time passion project for Portman, who also produces - about a woman who must go to her ex-lover for help in order to save her outlaw husband from a gang out to kill him. 

Relativity and The Weinstein Co. picked up US distribution rights from CAA in May last year. Exclusive handles international sales.