Source: Netflix


Netflix has revealed a couple of country specifics related to its $100m coronavirus pandemic relief fund, donating R$5m for Brazilian audiovisual industry workers and MXN $25m to help those in Mexico.

The broader $100m fund Netflix was set up last month to support the film and television industry in countries where the streamer has a large production base.

In Brazil, where the R$5m equates to approximately $971,000 USD, Netflix is partnering with Brazilian Audiovisual Content Institute (ICAB), which will manage the fund.

Netflix’s donation is intended to provide short-term relief to up to 5,000 workers and freelancers affected by the halt in productions across Brazil, and is complementary to the payment of fees to crew and cast of original productions that have been suspended in the country.

Assistants, coordinators, technicians and operators from different production departments such as camera, audio, art, make-up, costume design, locations and transportation, among others, many of whom are paid hourly wages, will be eligible to apply for an R$1,045 (approximately $203 USD) one-time benefit.

The application process will open on April 28 here. An evaluation board composed of members from ICAB, BRAVI and Netflix will determine the recipients within 10 days. Submissions will continue for two months or until the fund is depleted.

Last week Netflix said it was partnering with Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences (AMACC) on the COVID-19 Film and Audiovisual Industry Relief Fund to help support more than 1,000 below-the-line workers in the Mexican industry.

The MXN$25 million donation – roughly $1.06m USD – will be administered by the Academy and granted to hardest-hit workers who have been directly affected by the closure of productions across Mexico.

Submissions open tomorrow (April 15) interested parties must fill out an application form here. An evaluation board comprising members from AMACC, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and national audiovisual body IMCINE will evaluate the submissions and determine the recipients within 10 days. The submission period will continue for two months or until the fund is depleted.

Details and selection criteria for the fund are available here, on AMACC’s website, and at the organisation’s social media channels.