Seven award-winning directors led by Royston Tan are set to create an omnibus film celebrating the 50th anniversary of Singapore and its people.

Tan is joined by Eric Khoo, director of films such as of My Magic, Jack Neo of Ah Boys To Men, Kelvin Tong of The Maid, Boo Jun Feng of Sandcastle, Tan Pin Pin of Singapore GaGa, and K Rajagopal of I Can’t Sleep Tonight.

“I like to think that the project is a microcosm of the Singapore story,” said Tan. “We all have diverse filmmaking styles, we all see different aspects of Singapore and its 50-year journey in our unique ways, yet it has given us a common sense of purpose. We hope this will shine through in the final cut

The jubilee omnibus is set for a release in the middle of 2015, and is looking to confirm an “iconic venue” for its premiere.

“Singapore and our people have influenced so many aspects of our lives, and we directors have been given the opportunity to develop our career and passion in film,” added Tan.

“So a lot of heart is to go into this and it is a way for me and the other directors to give back to our country.”

The film is getting support from the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and the Singapore Film Commission (SFC).

Further details on the omnibus will be announced at a later date.