EXCLUSIVE: Film starring Louise Bourgoin and Stéphane De Groodt scores deals in multiple territories.


Paris-based Other Angle Pictures is racking up sales on its body-swap comedy In And Out, about lovers who wake up to a surprise after a night of passion.

The film has sold to Switzerland (JMH), Russia (Capella), Latin America (Alebrija Entertainment), former Yugoslavia (2i Film), Taiwan (Creative Century), and Poland (Monolith Films) with negotiations underway for Italy, Spain and Germany.

Louise Bourgoin (pictured) and Stéphane De Groodt star as the body-swap lovers and Universal Pictures International will open In And Out in France on September 20.

Other titles proving popular on Other Angle’s feel-good, comedy-skewed slate include Don’t Tell Her, about a group of girlfriends whose web of little white lies catches up with them.  

Other Angle was a producer and the film has gone to Canada (Axia), Spain (Vercine), Poland (Canal+), Switzerland (JMH), Turkey (Fabula), and Austria (Thym Film).

The company has also closed deals on Hector Cabello Reilles’s Indian Tale to Switzerland (Prasens), Canada (Axia) and Poland (Canal+).