Aralán Films also introduces new project Asesinos Inocentes.

Winner of the Briznaga for best film in the last Malaga Film Festival, director Patricia Ferreira [pictured] is to direct her first comedy Salsa de Arándanos (Blueberry Sauce).

Aralán Films, who recently finished shooting Guillaume Gallienne’s filmLe Garçons de Guillaume, à table starring Diane Kruger, will produce the comedy.

Aralán Films is also on board for Asesinos Inocentes (Innocent Assassins), the debut of filmmaker Gonzalo Bendala, a psychological thriller with a Hitchcock style.

Salsa de Arándanos is an original adaptation of Faust myth with a comic intention. The film will tell the story of an old man forgotten by society who makes a pact with a strange supermarket employee to switch his life with a youngster.

Marta Velasco, executive producer of Aralán Films, commented: “This production has brought an important investment in Spanish industry and specially Andalusia.”

Sevilla based Aralán Films began producing in 2004 with a number of award-winning short films. After the documentary Bécquer Desconocido directed by Manuel H. Martín, their first feature was Wild Boys.