India’s largest post production house teams with T3Media to provide a flexible, high-scale solution for content migration into a cloud-based digital management platform.

Prasad Group has announced that it has partnered with T3Media (formerly Thought Equity Motion) to provide content owners worldwide with best-in-class film scanning up to 4K, preservation, restoration and access services.

The partnership will see T3Media and Prasad provide a flexible, high-scale solution for content migration (film and videotape) into a cloud-based digital management platform, which allows for on-demand access. Customers will benefit from onsite film scanning services, LTFS storage, full-resolution delivery capabilities, proxies and rich metadata toolsets.

Mark Lemmons, chief technology officer at T3Media, commented: “As film ages and deteriorates, content preservation is imperative and Prasad’s digital film restoration services are a great asset for our customers. With our partnership, today’s content owners can ingest, manage, consume, deliver, and monetise their assets anytime from any location worldwide. Our partnership will help content owners reduce and eliminate capex, integration investments, facility costs, and more.”

“With the combination of T3Media’s proven video management platform and our award winning technology for digitisation integrated with our scalable preservation and restoration services, content owners anywhere in the world can now preserve and access their libraries easier than ever before, regardless of their library size,” added Sai Prasad, director at Prasad Group.