Co-production fund announces final selections for 2012 after board meeting in Dubai.

Wim Wenders’ Every Thing Will Be Fine, about a man coming to terms with accidentally killing a child, and Paolo Virzi’s US thriller adaptation Human Capital are among 17 projects in the final round of Eurimages funding for 2012.

The Strasbourg body announced on Monday it would support 17 features films for a total of $7.72m (€5.87m)

The Eurimages board, consisting of representatives from its 36 member states, made the selection during its final meeting of the year at Dubai International Film Festival last week. 

The selected projects are: 

A Patriotic Man, Arto Halonen (Finland, Croatia)

White God, Kornél Mundruczo [pictured] (Hungary, Germany, Sweden)    

Modris, Juris Kursietis (Latvia, Germany, Greece)

Me & Kaminski, Wolfgang Becker (Germany, Belgium)

And there was love in the ghetto…, Andrzej Wajda & Jolanta Dylewska (Poland, Germany)               

Enklava, Goran Radovanovi (Germany, Serbia)

Rocketman, Dagur Kari (Iceland, Denmark)    

La rançon de la gloire, Xavier Beauvoir (France, Switzerland, Belgium)

The Six-Fingered Man, Yannis Economides (Greece, Germany, Cyprus)

The Prince and the 108 Demons, Pascal Morelli (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, China)    

Like the Wind, Marco Simon Puccioni (Italy, France)

I am not him, (Ben o degilim), Tayfun Pirselimoglu (Turkey, Germany, France, Greece)

Every thing will be fine, Wim Wenders (Germany, Sweden)

Human Capital, Paolo Virzi (Italy, France)

Lazar, Svetozar Ristovski (Macedonia, Canada)

Cannibal, Manuel Martin Cuenca (Spain, Romania, Russia, France)

Akwaba, Benoît Mariage (Belgium, France, Switzerland)