Dutch filmmaker Jacco Groen has written and will direct Lilet Never Happened, a drama about child prostitution in the Philippines, which is based on a real story.

Groen’s production company Spring Films is co producing the €1.5 million film with Jos van der Pal’s AV-motion pictures and London based production company Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME). The film will be a Netherlands/UK coproduction.

Groen as co written the script with Roy Iglesias. Philippina actress Sandy Talag has signed on to will play the central character, Lilet, who is based on a real life child prostitute living in the Philippine capital Manila. The film’s other main character, a social worker called Gloria, is yet to be cast.

The film is due to go into production in January 2011.

“When I first read the screenplay of Lilet Never Happened, and then looked at the test shoot I was blow away by the depth of authenticity of Jacco’s narrative voice as well as the unbelievable performance of the child actress who plays Lilet.” said F&ME’s Mike Downey.