An English remake of The Orphanage and Julia’s Eyes are in the pipeline as well as new films by Oriol Paulo and Santiago Amodeo.

Spain’s Rodar y Rodar has revealed its most ambitious production slate to date. With a strong track record of highly successful genre films as The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes and current box office hit The Body, Joaquín Padró’s firm has 15 new projects in the pipeline.

In 2013, the company will shoot three Spanish-language films. First comes who ¿Quíen mató a Bambi? (Who Killed Bambi?), an action comedy about two workers who fight to release their boss from a kidnapping. Shooting begins this February, directed by Santiago Amodeo (Astronauts) and starring Quim Gutiérrez (Cousinhood), Julián Villagrán and Ernesto Alterio. The film is budgeted at $3.5m and will be distributed by Sony Pictures Spain.

Shooting is also being scheduled for Carmen Amaya, an $8m production directed by Mar Targarona about an iconic flamenco dancer of the 1950s. World famous flamenco star Sara Baras will lead the cast along with Yon González.

In addition, Sólo química (Only Chemistry) will tell the story of a young girl who falls for a TV star. Directed by Alfonso Albacete (Sex, Parties and Lies), the $3.3m film will star Maxi Iglesias, Ana Fernández and Aitor Luna.

English projects

The remaining projects on the company’s slate will be shot in English. Rodar y Rodar is preparing two films for 2014. A Hollow Man, by Oriol Paulo (The Body), is a thriller set in a small village in which unexplainable crimes occur. It will have a $9.3m budget. The Sign, a psychological thriller about a woman who tries to escape a past crime, is slated for 2016 and also has a $9.3m budget.

Me, My Wife and My Dead Wife (2014), also by Santiago Amodeo, is a comedy about a man who discovers his wife’s dark past after her death. Finally for 2014, Two, by Mar Targarona, is a thriller about a man and a woman who wake up inexplicably joined by the abdomen.

There are two working titles for 2015. Hitman, by Pedro Aznar, an action thriller about a professional killer and The Perfect Assassin, by Andrew Douglas, an action adventure set during the Spanish civil war about two different groups of men, each on a different political side, who want to kill the same person.

In 2016, the company has also slated Ali Bey, also directed by Mar Targarona. Set in 19th century Spain, it will centre on a rebel who fights against the king of Morocco along with the berbers. It has an estimated budget of $16m.

English remakes

In the coming months, Rodar y Rodar is preparing a slate of four English remakes of their most popular titles.

With an estimate budget of $13-16m, the company is working on new international versions of The Uninvited Guest (original by Guillem Morales in 2004), horror film The Orphanage from JA Bayona, Julia’s Eyes (Guillem Morales, 2010) and The Body (Oriol Paulo, 2012).

Rodar y rodar is also working on an English adaptation of the novel In Between, by María Dueñas, one of the bestselling Spanish books of all time and an international hit.