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Sarajevo Film Festival’s industry wing, CineLink, has unveiled the 10 projects that will take part in its work-in-progress strand this year.

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Source: Sarajevo Film Festival


The selection includes 10 feature length films, eight fiction and two documentary, including works from Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Palestine, Romania, and Turkey, as well as a guest project from China.

The projects will be presented to close to 60 industry delegates including funders, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters and festival programmers.

They will compete for several prizes: the Post Republic Award (€50,000, in kind), the CineLink Iridium Award (€20,000, in kind) and the Turkish National Radio Television Award (€25,000, cash).

Kim Yutani (Sundance Film Festival), Marco Mueller (Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival), Tolke Palm (The Post Republic), Gabor Greiner (Films Boutique), and a Turkish National Radio Television representative will decide this year’s winners.

Three work-in-progress projects selected for last year’s CineLink premired at the 2018 Berlinale: Àga by Milko Lazarov, Horizon by Tinatin Kajrishvili, and What Comes Around by Reem Saleh.

“The recent festival success of projects presented at previous editions of Work in Progress, as well as rising attendance of festival programmers, sales representatives, and other industry professionals from every part of the production chain, prove that CineLink continues to play a vital role in disseminating the talent from the SEE region. In addition to boosting its production potential, CineLink also serves as a platform for voices that tackle urgent issues in new and challenging ways,” commented Jovan Marjanović, head of industry at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The 2018 projects (information provided by Sarajevo Film Festival):

Director: Oren Gerner
Producer: Itay Akirav
Production company: Film Harbour
Meir (68), a former engineer and retiree, discovers that he has not been asked to plan the traditional village ceremony like he did for the past 30 years, since his job was transferred to the local youth. While his health is in decline, Meir goes out on a silent but powerful journey to reconstruct his shaken manhood.

Director: Burak Çevik
Producer: Selman Nacar
Production company: Fol Film
Turkey, France
Belonging makes a topographic observation 15 years later by following the locations of a criminal case, accompanied by statements given by the suspects at the police station. Then, it shows the night that the murderer couple met.

Directors: Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova
Producers: Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova
Production company: Activsit38
Co-produced by: Glasshead Limited (UK), Ici et Là Productions (FR), Bulgarian National Television (BG)
Bulgaria, UK
A Bulgarian single mother aspires to make it as an architect in Britain while working as a waitress. Her clash with reality becomes increasingly more bizarre when she takes the neighbours’ cat home.

Director: Kutluğ Ataman
Producers: Sercan Tevs, Kutluğ Ataman
Production company: WITCH
As a first year university student, Hilal arrives in Istanbul to learn she cannot set foot on campus wearing her head scarf. Meanwhile, her new neighbor Feza (19) has escaped being bullied for who he was. The two become friends.

Director: Lina Alabed
Producer: Rami El Nihawi
Production company: SakaDo
Co-produced by: Kirstine Barfod Film
Palestine, Lebanon, Qatar, Denmark
Ibrahim, my father, was a secret member of the Palestinian Militant Organization “Revolutionary Council” (Abu-Nidal), which was known for its notorious and suspicious intelligence affairs. In 1987 we were living in Damascus. I was 6 years old when Ibrahim left for few days on a regular mission, but never came back.

Director: Dorian Boguță
Producer: Oana Giurgiu
Production company: Hai Hui Entertainment
Following the disappearance of Anton, police research will reveal the complexity of his life and strange family relationships. Finding out he’s having a serious disease, Anton decides to ‘help’ Ana, his sister, to have a baby. Anton’s obsession to play with destiny leads to reckless actions and unexpected end.

Director: Gabriel Babsi
Producers: Ágnes Horváth-Szabó, András Pires Muhi
Production company: ELF Pictures
Co-produced by: Domestic Film (RO)
Hungary, Romania
Across continents and moral principles, The Motherlands is a journey of six years dealing with the problem of losing and rebuilding identity while searching for a better life.

Director: Dani Rosenberg
Producers: Stav Meron, Dani Rosenberg
Production company: Pardes Films
Although Tel Aviv burns to the ground at the end of the fictional film Asaf tried to make with his father, his father real world does not end with a bang, but with a slow fading crumble.

Director: Andrei Gruzsniczki
Producer: Alexandru Teodorescu
Production company: Saga Film
After the suspicious death of his best friend, Stefan, a fifty-year-old businessman man, uncovers the unknown part of their relationship and has to come to terms with his new life.

Guest project

Director: Wang Yi-Tong
Producer: Jia Zhang-ke
Production company: Fabula Entertainment
Shotgun falls from the hands of the rich, and the children of the poor pick up. The bullet shot through the chest of a dog, into the buttocks of the mistress. The savage dies in a dream and the savage escapes through the mountains.