Jan Roekens has been appointed head of production of the Screen Flanders economic fund.

Roekens will oversee the analysis and evaluation process of Screen Flanders applications, in close cooperation with the Enterprise Flanders Agency. Taking up the role in mid-January, he will replace Alain Collart.

Roekens has spent the past 18 years at Brussels-based production company Sophimages, where he produced both short and long features, documentaries and dance films.

He is also a founding member of Flanders Doc and national coordinator for EAVE

Through Screen Flanders, the Flemmish government offers financial support to productions that spend part of their budget within the Flanders Region.

Belgian producers can apply to receive up to €400,000 ($546,680) refundable advances by way of economic support to cover their audiovisual expenses in the Flanders Region. Foreign producers interested in applying for the fund can coproduce with a Belgian producer that satisfies all the selection criteria.

A total of 40 applications have been approved for a total amount of €9.2m ($12.5m) repayable support. This amount stands for €36.2m ($49.3m) of AV expenses in the Flanders region.

The annual budget of Screen Flanders is provided and distributed by Agentschap Ondernemen (Enterprise Flanders). The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) manages the applications and promotes the fund.