EXCLUSIVE: British cinematographer Polly Morgan also boards Ayoub Qanir’s sci-fi thriller.

Simon Armstrong has joined the cast of Artificio Conceal.

The Game of Thrones actor will star alongside David Bailie, Nick Cornwall, Andrew Whipp and Duran Fulton Brown in the sci-fi thriller written and directed by Ayoub Qanir, whose previous films include Koyakatsi and Human After All.

Armstrong said: “As an actor you don’t read enough scripts like this. Original, intriguing and very, very dark. What’s not to like?”

Production will begin in London this month. The film is produced by Peter Fraser, Sarah McCarthy and Qanir.

British cinematographer Polly Morgan is also on board the film, which centres on a man who awakens in an Interpol interrogation room to find his memories have been replaced and his identity lost.

“The relationship between technology and the human experience has always been fascinating to me and I had recently read an article about individual perception theory so the underlying concepts really grabbed me,” commented Morgan.

“On speaking with Ayoub, I was excited to hear his feelings on how he wanted to approach the film visually. Not only was he one of the most prepared directors I have met with but his ideas really reflected mine and my sensibilities.”

Working with Qanir, award-winning Polish artist Patryk Hardziej has conceptualised the world of Artificio Conceal into a comic book which will be released alongside the film in a limited print run and digital format.