Names and projects announced at Karlovy Vary.

The School of Film Agents (SOFA) has revealed the projects that will take part in its fourth edition in Wroclaw - this year’s European Capital of Culture - from Aug 19-28.

Created by Nikolaj Nikitin, SOFA is a training programme focused on cultural managers and film agents that works with the development of projects that look to spread film culture in Europe.

This year’s projects, announced at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, include an online and cinema space for films from the Baltic region and a National Film Museum for Czech film history.

During the 10-day workshop, the selected participants will work with a group of experienced industry professionals at their proposals. Training focuses on productive exchange in several fields of cultural work including transnational communication, leadership-building, cultural education as well as examining public and private financing possibilities in the creative industries in the respective countries.

Nikitin said: “Promoting film education, creating alternative ways for film distribution and audience development as well as maintaining Europe’s cinematographies – these main goals propel the eight up-and-coming film agents who we have selected for the fourth SOFA edition.”

“Once realized, their projects will help strengthening the structural framework of their home film industry and film culture as new solutions to foster the awareness and distribution of European film production and to create new jobs for young film professionals in the audiovisual sector.”

SOFA 2016 projects

Lizaveta Bobrykava, Belarus:Bel:Cinema (Belarus Empowerment Lab: Cinema)’ Establishing an educational and practical center in Minsk highlighting the potential of local media creatives

Iris Elezi, Albania: ‘The Albanian Cinematèque’ Creating a platform for film culture, its education and promotion in Tirana

Ineza Ivanova, Lithuania: ‘Baltic View – Online & Cinema Space’ Foundation of a distribution initiative consisting of an online viewing space and cinema events for films from the Baltic region

Terezie Krizkovska, Czech Republic: ‘NaFilM – National Film Museum’ Establishing a museum for Czech film history

Tekla Machavariani, Georgia: ‘Nushi – Film Media Package’ Establishing a cultural and educational print media-package containing news and information for Georgian film industry

Dumitru Marian, Republic of Moldova: ‘Chisinau. Hub for European Films (CHEF)’ Modernization of the movie theatre Odeon at Chisinau as a place for European films

Magdalena Puzmujzniak, Poland: ‘FULL SPECTRUM International Film Festival’ Film festival promoting and enabling gender balance and women’s empowerment in film

Julia Sinkevych, Ukraine: ‘Ukrainian Film Promotion’ Promoting Ukrainian films and filmmakers internationally